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  1. Emily

  2. 8th Grade

  3. Content English

  4. Why do I teach? 

Developing as a Professional Educator

         Considering your Initial and Final CSTP Self-Assessment analysis….

  1. My goal at the begining of this journey was to find ways to improve student engagment. I feel that thanks to the resources I was offered I was able to not only better engage my students in the lesson, but I was able to make them advocates who were invested and insterested in their learning. I will continue to grow by finding ways to increase the "Joy Factor" in my classroom.

  2. Beyond induction, I plan on enrolling in and Education Specialist program in the fall.

  3. I will remain a connected educator by staying curious.

  4. I love to exchange information with people that empoweres them to do better. I will strive to learn more everyday so that I can offer information that helps others. 

  5. My reflective coach told me that I was an "inspiration" to her. 

  6. My advice to new teachers entering the profession is: Work hard. Be kind to everyone. And great things will happen.

Contributing to the Profession


Throughout Induction, you have been provided Curated Resources with the intent to keep you informed of the newest and most relevant teaching strategies and web-based teaching tools available. Now, it’s your turn!

  1. Edpuzzle - This site allows educators to take streaming videos from Youtube and insert comprehsion quizes and crop the videos. I use them to stream audiobooks.

  2. Google Classroom - This is a fantastic communication tool that takes the place of the planner.

  3. Powtoons - This site enables me to create lessons and presentations with visual and auditory reinforcement.